As our name suggests, Dhivehi Language Services (DLS) is exclusively dedicated to providing accurate and excellent Dhivehi or Maldivian language related translation services. Accordingly, DLS is the go-to place for clients seeking professional Dhivehi translation services.

DLS is based in the Maldives — the home of Dhivehi language — and our translators are expert native linguists of the Maldivian language. Our team’s priority is to deliver comprehensive translation services, tailored specifically to meet the requirements of our clients.


Translation is a bridge that connects and unifies the divide between two distinct languages. Choose DLS for linking this divide and seamlessly merge your documents to and from Dhivehi language.

Document Translation

DLS document translation service is designed to adapt your documents from there source language to Dhivehi language or from Dhivehi language to your preferred target language. Before we begin work on your project, we emphasize on understanding why you require the translation. As a result, we are able to deliver the final output in accordance with your requirements, enabling you to achieve the purpose of translating a specific document with ease.


DLS undertakes translation of various types of documents from different subject areas. Major document translation practice areas of DLS includes, Legal Documents, Business Documents, Financial Documents, Medical Documents, Information Technology Documents and Technical Documents.

The types of documents commonly translated by DLS includes:


  • Laws and Regulations

  • Legal Contracts

  • Legal Case Reports and Case Summaries

  • Licenses and Permits

  • Tax Forms and Tax Returns

  • Financial Reports and Summaries

  • Business letters and Proposals

  • Invoices and Purchase Orders

  • Press Releases

  • Guidelines

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Technical Manuals

  • Technical Specifications

  • Software Content

  • Brochures and Leaflets

  • Various types of Certificates

Your documents will be translated by professional translators experienced in the subject matter of the document. Our team is capable of handling large volumes of content in numerous formats. All the translated documents undergo rigorous proofreading — without any extra charge — to ensure that our final product is impeccable.

Why Choose DLS for Dhivehi Translation Services?

For official purposes like court proceedings or immigration applications, government bodies require certified translation of your documents. If you require a certified or notarized translation of any official documents (for example: birth and marriage certificates), send us your documents for speedy and efficient processing.

DLS gives utmost importance to deliver certified translations acceptable for all official purposes. Your documents will be accurately translated and notarized by lawyers, who are part of the DLS team.


As official documents contain sensitive personal information, DLS will ensure the confidentiality of your documents in accordance with our confidentiality policy.

Certified Translation

Choose DLS for all your Dhivehi translation or Maldivian translation requirements for the following reasons:

  • Best rates available anywhere for Dhivehi translation service

  • Dhivehi translations handled by native professional translators based in the Maldives

  • Rigorous proofreading free of charge

  • Can handle large volume of content in numerous formats 

  • Delivery of the translation on the agreed deadline is guaranteed

  • Confidentiality is assured