Dhivehi Language Services (DLS) team comprises of practicing lawyers who will assist in your language requirements related to legal field. Legal documents are complex and it requires hundred percent accuracy to translate such documents. Our team will be endeavoring to maintain the accuracy and quality of any legal translation to provide you the best results.


DLS translation and interpreting team is focused on providing language related services in Dhivehi and English language. Accordingly, our experts will assist you in court cases to translate or interpret legal documents and witness statements in Dhivehi or English language. 

Maldivian Legal System

The Maldives has an evolving legal system accelerated by the implementation of a modern democratic constitution in 2008. Comprehension of the developing legal system in the Maldives is paramount to provide language services like legal translation.


With the assistance of practicing lawyers belonging to our team, we are able to tailor our services in accordance with the requirements of the Judiciary of the Maldives. Your work will be assigned to professionals, familiar with the subject matter. Additionally, we provide certified translation services to our clients. 

Some of the language services provided by DLS related to legal field include:


  • Translation of court documents

  • Translation of contracts

  • Certified translation

  • Court interpreting

Why Choose DLS for Language Services in Legal Field?

Legal documents are highly confidential and sensitive in most cases. DLS understands the need for maintaining the confidentiality of such legal documents. Accordingly, we have implemented mechanisms to maintain the confidentiality of your documents.


One of the key feature to assure the confidentiality of your documents is that your project will be handled by a member of our team. DLS do not outsource highly confidential works.


Choose DLS for all your language needs in the legal field for the following reasons:

  • Most competitive prices for language services

  • Practicing lawyers handling your projects

  • Access to vast experience in the Maldivian legal system

  • Wide range of language services in the legal field

  • Focused on providing language services in Dhivehi and English language

  • Assurance of maintaining confidentiality of your legal documents