All projects undertaken by Dhivehi Language Services (DLS) — whether it involves translation, localization, subtitling, transcription or content writing — we provide proofreading services at no additional cost to our clients. However, if you require the services of DLS for simply a proofreading project, we will be happy to support you through the help of our experienced proofreaders.


DLS proofreading service is tailored to detect and correct any orthographic, grammatical and syntactic errors in your documents. We employ a two phase system to make sure that your documents are faultless. Accordingly, once the original proofreaders complete their work, a final proofreading will be carried out by a supervisor to make sure your documents are perfect.


DLS specializes in providing Dhivehi proofreading or Maldivian proofreading services. Our team includes expert Dhivehi proofreaders who have years of experience. Enlist the services of our proofreaders to raise the quality of your work and to drastically improve the written content.

Choose DLS for all your Dhivehi proofreading or Maldivian proofreading needs for the following reasons:


  • Free proofreading services for projects originally undertaken by DLS

  • Most competitive prices for proofreading documents from third parties

  • Specialization in Dhivehi proofreading or Maldivian proofreading projects

  • Professional proofreaders with experience to handle your projects

Why Choose DLS for Dhivehi Proofreading Services?

Advantages of Proofreading

Advantages of proofreading your documents include:


  • Proofreading confirms that your works are error free

  • Proofreading ensures the quality of your work

  • Proofreading saves you time and effort

  • Proofreading assists to maintain consistency and flow in your work

  • Proofreading safeguards your reputation and professionalism

  • Proofreading adds value to your business