The development and advancement of businesses and nation states depend on the financial industry for the most part. Financial sector includes diverse businesses like banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, stock brokerages and investment companies. Dhivehi Language Services (DLS) provides a variety of language solutions targeted to financial sector.


Financial sector is one of the most competitive industries. DLS will assist you to remain competitive in the Maldives by providing unrivalled language services in Dhivehi or Maldivian language.  

Language Services for Financial Sector



In the Maldives, the two most popular languages in the financial sector includes Dhivehi and English languages. DLS translation team can assist banks and other financial institutions to translate their documents to and from Dhivehi and English language pair. 


We will ensure that your projects are completed on time. DLS is also capable of creating contents for financial institutions by enlisting the help of our specialist linguists for financial sector.

Some of the financial translation services provided by DLS include:


  • Translation of financial sector related laws and regulations

  • Translation of financial reports

  • Translation of banking documents

  • Translation of insurance related documents



The ability for financial institutions to communicate with the local markets will enable them to be a market leader in the globalized world. DLS will assist you to communicate with the Maldives market. We will ensure that your finance related contents are tailored to fit the Maldives culturally.


Some of the financial sector localization services provided by DLS include:

  • Website localization

  • Localization of products and services

  • Localization of promotional materials

  • Localization of educational documents

Why Choose DLS Language Services for Financial Sector?

Choose DLS for all your language needs in the financial field for the following reasons:

  • Most competitive prices for language services

  • Professional linguists to assist with your language needs

  • Access to vast experience in the Maldivian financial sector

  • Wide range of language services in the financial industry

  • Focused on providing language services in Dhivehi and English language

  • Assurance of maintaining confidentiality of your documents