Public Sector

Public sector has the most demand for language services in the Maldives. Dhivehi Language Services (DLS) team includes linguists who have worked in major projects for different governmental bodies of the Maldives. This has given DLS valuable experience and insight on collaborating with public sector entities.


Over the years DLS team has provided various types of language services to public sector. We have worked with government ministries, departments and independent commissions. Additionally, DLS has worked on projects which involves collaboration between governmental bodies and international organizations.


DLS team’s work ethic has been recognized by various government institutions and international organizations. Testament to this is the glowing recommendations issued by such governmental bodies recognizing the quality and our commitment to providing first class language services.

Language Services for Public Sector



DLS provides the assistance of translators with public sector experience to undertake your projects. Communication is a key element for the functioning of the public sector. DLS assists the governmental bodies to fulfill this through the help of our professional translators. By enlisting Dhivehi or Maldivian language services offered by DLS, government authorities can utilize their resources more efficiently.


Some of the public sector translation services provided by DLS include:


  • Translation of laws and regulations

  • Translation of contracts

  • Translation of policy documents

  • Translation of guidelines and standard operating procedures

  • Translation of educational materials



DLS is your partner for localizing websites belonging to various government authorities. Localization enables your websites to be more relatable to the target audience. In addition to localizing your websites, DLS will assist in creating content for your websites.

Content Writing

DLS team includes members who has undertaken some of the largest content writing and copywriting projects in the Maldives. Accordingly, we have professionals who have produced copies for major marketing websites belonging to government owned corporations.

Why Choose DLS for Public Sector Language Services?

Choose DLS for all public sector language needs for the following reasons:

  • Most competitive prices for language services

  • Professional linguists to assist with public sector language needs

  • Access to vast experience in working with Maldives public sector

  • Wide range of language services offered to public sector

  • Focused on providing language services in Dhivehi and English language

  • Assurance of maintaining confidentiality


DLS understands the need for maintaining the confidentiality of public sector projects.  Accordingly, we have implemented mechanisms to maintain the confidentiality of such projects.  


One of the key feature to assure the confidentiality is that your project will be handled by a member of our team. DLS do not outsource highly confidential projects.