Tourism and Hospitality

The Maldives is a world trendsetter in the tourism industry. Consequently, the leading industry in the Maldives is Tourism and Hospitality industry. Dhivehi Language Services (DLS) offers wide range of language solutions to tourist establishments to help them better serve their clientele.  


As tourism industry goes hand in hand with foreigners and foreign languages, DLS will assist in making your establishments foreigner-friendly.

Language Services for Tourism and Hospitality Industry



DLS will provide solutions for all your translation needs through our professional team. This will enable you to cater to a multinational audience seamlessly.


Some of the Tourism and Hospitality industry related translation services provided by DLS include:


  • Translation of hotel policies

  • Translation of leaflets and brochures

  • Translation of travel agency materials

  • Translation of tour guides

  • Translation of information pamphlets

  • Translation of marketing materials



DLS will assist you to localize your website in various target languages. Accordingly, we will localize your websites for any region or country. This will empower you to communicate with multicultural audiences and boost your marketing. By localizing your websites, we will assist your clients to find you easily through search engine optimization.


Some of the Tourism and Hospitality localization services provided by DLS include:

  • Website localization

  • Localization of travel guides

Content Writing

DLS provides content writing and copywriting services to promote and advertise your tourism establishments. Our writers will provide compelling copies for your websites or advertisements. Employ the services of our team to convey information about your tourism establishment.

Why Choose DLS Language Services for Tourism and Hospitality industry?

Choose DLS for all your language needs in the Tourism and Hospitality field for the following reasons:

  • Most competitive prices for language services

  • Professional linguists to assist with your language needs

  • Access to vast experience in the Maldives tourism sector

  • Wide range of language services in the tourism field

  • Assurance of maintaining confidentiality