In the Maldives, majority of the media outlets produce their content in Dhivehi language. These includes online news websites, newspapers and television and radio stations. Dhivehi Language Services (DLS) offers the opportunity for local media outlets and international organizations to translate content to and from Dhivehi language.


Most of the local news media outlets depend on the translation of international news from various worldwide sources. DLS has expertise in providing translation of news items and detailed reports. Our dedication to providing quality language services makes us a reliable partner for news media outlets operating on tight schedules.

The advantages of using services offered by DLS to local media outlets include:

  • Affordable rates for producing translation of news content

  • Save money on hiring employees to produce translation of news items

  • Professional translators with experience

  • Reliable turnaround time

DLS provides a number of services related to media for international organizations and entities. DLS has accessibility and technology to cover television and radio programmes. Some of the services provided by DLS to international organizations include:

  • Translation of local news publications

  • Transcription of television and radio programmes

  • Translation of press releases to Dhivehi language

In the modern world most of the media content are produced digitally. Access to such content is made easier through internet. DLS can be your partner to translate your digital content to Dhivehi language.

Why Choose DLS Language Services for Media?

Choose DLS for all your language needs in the media field for the following reasons:

  • Most competitive prices for language services

  • Professional linguists to assist with your language needs

  • Access to vast experience in the media sector

  • Wide range of language services in the media field

  • Focused on providing language services in Dhivehi language

  • Assurance of maintaining confidentiality of content